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Texas Well Water Tanks

SBS Tanks Ranch & Rainwater (RT) Series Spec Sheet

GENERAL:                                        The SBS Tanks  Ranch & Rainwater (RT) Series tank is an agricultural/domestic use grade liquid storage solution                        designed to provide a long life with little to no maintenance required by the owner. This                                                                   series is designed for use in areas where maximum wind load requirements do not exceed                                                              90 MPH. The RT series is the perfect choice for ranches, farms, rural acreage homes and                                                               other applications where a full commercial grade tank is not required.

WALL STRUCTURE:                        Zincalume® steel panels 0.8 mm (22 gauge) thickness conforming to ISO9364                                                                                 and profiled to SBS Tanks unique design.


STEEL GRADE:                                G300 Zincalume®

PROTECTIVE COATING:                 Zincalume® (Zinc/Aluminium Alloy), AZ 150 heavy duty coating. Additional coatings                                                                          available to meet varying environmental conditions and applications.

COLOR OPTIONS:                          Mill finish - silver, standard. All SBS Tanks can be painted with approved primers and                                                                       paints.

ESTIMATED LIFE:                           60+ Years under normal climate and operational conditions.

INTERNAL LINER:                          Multi-layer woven PVC SBS 700g compliant with (potable water)  AS/NZS 4020-2005:

                                                        Testing of Products for the Use in Contact with Drinking Water Standards - Contact SBS for                                                            further details.

BOLT SPECIFICATIONS:               Proprietary SBS bolt design M10(7/16")with serrated flange head. Hot dipped                                                                                    galvanized to ISO 1461:2009. All bolts are high tensile 8.8 grade. Bolt test certifications                                                                   available on request.

DOME ROOF:                                 Zincalume® steel corrugated sheets 0.47mm (26 gauge) thick. G550 high tensile grade with                                                           AZ150 coating. All trusses are hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. Clear span self-                                                                     supporting roof with no center post.

INLETS & OUTLETS:                      All fittings/nozzles are manufactured from either mild steel and hot dipped galvanized to ISO                                                           461:2009 after fabrication or high grade plastics.


WARRANTY:                                   SBS Tanks® carry an industry standard 12-month workmanship and materials guarantee and                                                          a 10-year non-leak warranty is applicable provided the tank is installed by an approved                                                                    SBS installer.


MANUFACTURING TIME:              Standard range, ex stock, immediately available. Non-stock items typically, 4-6 weeks ex-                                                               factory, quantity and model dependent.


DELIVERY TIME:                            Typically, 4-6 weeks.


INSTALLATION TIME:                    Typically:

                                                        1 day - ST05/02 20kl [5,280 Gallons]

                                                        3 days - ST18/02 250kl [66,040 Gallons]


SITE PREPARATION:                    Level site capable of supporting a 100kPa (2,089 PSF) with sand bed or concrete ring beam                                                           as required. Site preparations to be arranged by client in accordance with engineer’s                                                                       recommendations prior to installation of SBS Tanks.

Contact an SBS Tanks Sales professional today to learn more about how we can help you store your liquids more safely and efficiently with little to no life-cycle maintenance.

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