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Rainwater Harvesting Tanks for Texas

Storage Tanks for Ranches & Rain Harvesting

SBS Tanks USA firmly supports the practice of rainwater harvesting and knows well the many benefits that both individuals and businesses can reap when they join the growing number of responsible citizens doing their part to conserve water, our most precious natural resource.

Whether you are looking for a tank to store your harvested rain water at your small weekend ranch or a massive warehouse, factory or distribution center SBS Tanks USA can help guide you through the process and provide you with a long lasting storage tank that will insure the safety of your harvested water from the heavens.

At SBS we also know the many challenges and financial constraints our ranchers and farmers are under and we strive to provide the best product and service to our customers in the noble agricultural trade at the most cost effective prices. 

Our unique, easily transportable modular design allows the SBS Tank to be taken to even the most remote locations with relative ease and offloaded manually or using a light duty all-terrain type forklift.

Rapid on-site installation brings your project to completion faster than most other bolted or welded tank options. 1,112,000 gallons of water storage can be easily erected in 21 days or less.


OSHA friendly installation procedures limit the need to lifting equipment and work at heights greatly reducing health and safety risks during construction of our tanks.

Why SBS Tanks for Ranch & Rainwater Applications?

  • Potable water safe certified or standard commercial grade liners and accessories available.

  • Bolted steel tank outer shell manufactured from Galvalume steel has superior corrosion resistance and offers a 60 year plus life expectancy *

  • Unique internal bladder lining prevents contact between water and metal shell prolonging the shell life and ensuring low maintenance for the life of the tank.

  • Unlike traditional bolted steel  tanks which are galvanized, epoxy or glass coated, SBS Tanks do not require blasting and re-coating at any point during their life-cycle.

  • 25 years plus global industry experience within the public and private water system domain means we get it right every time.

  • Modular design is health & safety friendly while allowing rapid construction and less time on site. **

  • A wide range of capacities and sizes to fit most any site requirement.

  • A range of standard colors or custom matching to customer specifications gives improved aesthetics.

  • Last but certainly not least, our affordable pricing means an improved bottom line and happy customers.

At SBS Tanks USA we understand that each market sector we service has a specific set of requirements and regulations. For that reason, our technical sales specialists focus on one industry only, which allows them to develop and maintain the knowledge and experience needed to become unrivaled experts in their specific fields.


Contact our Ranch and Rainwater Harvesting Sales Specialist for a quote on the durable, affordable SBS Tank today.



Above: A 50,000 Gallon SBS Tank stores well water on a ranch in rural Texas.

* Life expectancy subject to location and site conditions, results may vary especially in aggressive environments. Additional coating for corrosion protection is available, ask your technical sales specialist for more information.

** The ST35/09 Model 1,112,000 gal. gross capacity tank can be erected and commissioned in approximately 18-20 days under normal site and weather conditions.

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